NEW DELHI - India has played down Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai's comments in which he said that his country would stand by Pakistan in the event of hostilities with any other nation, including the US or India. Indian Ministry of External Affairs sources told TIMES NOW TV that Karzai was doing nothing more than playing a balancing act against Pakistan, since the country has been coming under increasing US pressure in recent months. A porous Afghan-Pak border, escalating violence in Kabul and simmering US-Pak ties has put Afghanistan in a tight spot. After being critical of Pakistan over its links with Taliban militants, Karzai said "God forbid, if at any time there is a war between Pakistan and America, then we will be with Pakistan." However, the Indian government, which enjoys a good relationship with Afghanistan, seems unperturbed. Sources within the MEA said "'India has just signed a strategic partnership with Kabul. This is not something the Afghans have with anyone including the US. India is not worried about this. There is a realisation that Pakistan is worried about Indo-Afghan ties and Karzai has to have good ties with Islamabad as they share a porous border.'' Karzai's comments came against the backdrop of increased tensions between Pakistan and the US on the issue of tackling the Haqqani network. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently said the US did not intend to act unilaterally against groups like the Haqqani network but called on Pakistan to act within 'days and weeks to 'squeeze the Taliban faction.