Our Staff Reporter SAHIWAL - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan has claimed that Pakistani rulers have taken dictation from America on the eve of Hillary Clintons recent visit. He said that America is hell-bent on making India super power of the region. America wants excess to Chinese border by developing relations with India to realize its objective in the region. America also desires to reduce the power of Iran as she eyes the natural resources of central Asian states. He was addressing a press conference here along with JI Naib Ameer Dr Kamal Ahmad, Acting District Ameer Ch Anwarul Haq, Sh Shahid Hameed and Dr Tahir Siraj. Syed Munawar further alleged that the rulers had been in tacit agreement with America on drone attacks, as no one on part of them, was talking of bring an end to drone attacks. The JI chief warned that operation in North Waziristan would pave the way for American entry into the country. He said that the government should categorically refused to America that neither it would carry out any operation nor would allow anyone to do so in North Waziristan. He argued that Haqqani Network was under the control of Talban and they carry out every activity or attack upon the approval of Talban central leadership. If America carries out any operation in North Waziristan in the name of Haqqani, it will be a fatal mistake on her part, he pointed out, adding that America was adopting different tactics to control Pakistan nuclear programme. Criticizing the government, Syed Munawar said that had the government acted upon the resolution passed by the APC, the situated would have been far better today. Due to malafide intensions and incompetency, the government did give any importance to the APC resolution, the JI chief averred. Syed Munawar stressed that the government should also act upon the resolution passed by the joint session of the Parliament. He emphasised that logistic support being provided to the US and Nato should be stopped forthwith. The Karzais recent statement is hypocritical and any support through land route or aerial to Nato should be stopped, he elaborated. He claimed that Pakistani government was pro-America and anti-Pakistan. He further said that Army should not interfere in politics and abide by the constitution in letter and spirit and should work within the ambit of law. He said that independent foreign policy should be formulated after getting rid of America slavery. The JI Ameer claimed that American aid was breeding corruption in Pakistan. About MFC status to India, the JI said that awarding status of most favourite country to India was against Pakistan. India is the murderer of Kashmiries and Muslims while it has not accepted Pakistan as an independent country so far, he argued, adding that declaring such country as the most favourite country was mounting to chopping ones own legs. He said that free trade would be against the sovereignty of Pakistan and would betrayal with the blood of thousands of Kashmiri martyrs. The JI chief said that the JI had started go America go campaign which would continue till its logic end. Syed Munawar said that American friendship was worst than her enmity. He said that prevailing loadshedding, price-hike and lawlessness was the result of wrong policy of the government. He said that the government should act upon the verdicts of apex court regarding NRO and other matters. To a question, the JI chief said that Nawaz Sharif who was issuing statements against Zardari was the one who had played major role in strengthening the President. He suggested that Nawaz Sharif should coordinate with other political parties to chalk out future line of action in this regard. He claimed that at present no party was in a position to contest elections alone, adding that everyone would have to make electoral alliance before the general elections. Later, Syed Munawar Hassan also addressed a workers convention held at Baldia Ground here in sahiwal. A large number of party workers and citizen participated in the convention.