LAHORE - The onion and tomato rates in retail markets as well as the Sunday bazaars have gone up sharply as the hoarders have become active ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. Vegetables prices are started going up ahead of Eid and the customers expressed fear that they may become dearer in next couple of days. The skyrocketing rates is being attributed by the vendors to high cost of transportation, hording by traders and the devastation of large quantity of crops. Vendors said that the rates were not coming down in the markets though supply had relatively improved with winter season vegetables also reaching the market. During a survey it was revealed that overcharging also continued as the City District management is busy in dengue control campaign. As the consumption of onion, green chilli, tomato and garlic increases during Eid days the traders have started hoarding these items to mint money. According to the survey, the price of tomatoes range from Rs80 to Rs100 per kg, while onion reaches Rs50 to Rs70 per kg depending on quality of onion and green chilli Rs150-200 per kg. Wholesale market experts said that the high import rate of the onion which currently stand at $325 per metric tonnes, wholesale rate is Rs35 to 40 per kg, while retail varies from place to place ranging from Rs50 to Rs60 per kg. According to them, the problem of lack of storage facilities and widespread torrential rains across the country during the last two months specially in Hangar, Tando Allah Yar, Mirpurkhas and some areas of Balochistan, aggravated the situation. They said in coming days the onion rates which already stand at very high of Rs50 to Rs70 per kg, the expectation of further hike during next few weeks specially when Eid is just round the corner cannot be ruled out. According to the official price list of the Sunday Bazaars, rates of potato, new, were stable at Rs35 to 45 per kg. Increasing trend in onion price continued with further increase of Rs10 per kg. No impact on tomato rate was seen with increase in import from India. Garlic, China, price was raised by Rs5 per kg and fixed at Rs65 to 75 per kg. Garlic, Desi, price was increased by Rs5 per kg and fixed at Rs90 to 105 per kg but sold at Rs120 per kg. Spinach price was increased and fixed at Rs20 to 25 per kg. Arum price was fixed at Rs46 per kg, turnip at Rs50 per kg and carrot price was fixed at Rs40 per kg but not seen there. Peas price was reduced by Rs30 per kg and fixed at Rs90 to 100 per kg but sold at Rs120 per kg. Cucumber, Desi, price was fixed at Rs50 to 65 per kg and cucumber, farm, at Rs35 to 40 per kg but were not seen in any makeshift market. Cabbage price was fixed at Rs40 to 50 per kg with an increase of Rs10 per kg. Cauliflower price was fixed at Rs45 to 50 per kg and sold at Rs60 per kg. Pumpkin official price was stable at Rs40 per kg but sold at Rs50 per kg. Okra price was fixed at Rs35 to 40 per kg but was not available there while just outside the Sunday bazaars was sold at Rs50 per kg. Capsicum price was fixed at Rs70 to 80 per kg and sold at Rs100 per kg. Lemon, China, rate was fixed at Rs40 to 50 per kg and sold at Rs60 to 80 per kg.