Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has urged the people to do everything possible to make the world a better place; free of hunger, poverty, disease, deprivations and violence. In a message on the occasion of United Nations Day falling on October 24, he said in view of the present-day challenges, the performance of the United Nations has been quite remarkable in various fields such as education, gender equality, humanitarian assistance, climate change, overcoming child mortality and deadly diseases, controlling acute hunger and international peacekeeping in the volatile parts of world. October 24, 2011 represents the 66th foundation day of the United Nations, when delegates from 51 countries of the world got together in the wake of conclusion of World War II and established an international body on this very day in 1945. The Prime Minister said the core agenda of the United Nations was premised on promotion of peace, advancement of justice and equitable development around the world, establishment of friendly relations among the nations, peaceful and negotiated end to conflicts, and conquest over hunger, disease, illiteracy, and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of people. The day draws our attention to the achievements of the UN besides familiarizing the people with the principles and aims that underline the functioning of this world body in a bid to win their support and backing for the work of the UN, he added. The United Nations has played an appreciable role in the promotion of international cooperation in the field of social sector, which matters so much to the people in terms of improving their living standards, protecting their fundamental rights and freedoms, he said. Gilani said the entire world community has shown a remarkable sense of purpose in dealing with the factors that hinder the upward trajectory of the nations in these key sectors. The Prime Minister said despite showing appreciable performance in social sector, the UN is confronted with the complex and evolving challenges posed to the global order. Pakistans participation in the United Nations peacekeeping missions stems from its commitment to serve humanity, international peace and collective security, he added. Gilani said, We consider peacekeeping as the flagship activity of the United Nations, providing the basis on which the UN can build peace and stability in countries affected by conflict. There is also an acute need of introducing multilateralism in the UN system to ward off dangers posed to international peace and order, he said, adding that such a multilateral approach would play a significant role in evolving international consensus on dealing with issues through broad-based participation of the world community. The Prime Minister said the reform of Security Council was a matter of fundamental interest and importance for all the member states. Pakistan supports the democratisation of the UN system to make representation at the UNSC equitable. However, there are deep differences regarding the expansion of the Council and the ambitions of some states to become permanent members. Pakistan has a long-standing principled position against increase of permanent members, he added. Let us resolve on this day to do everything possible to make our world a worth-living place; free of hunger, poverty, disease, deprivations and violence. We owe this much to our succeeding generations and let us vow not to fail them, he said.