LAHORE Owing to expected shortfall of more than 700 million cubic feet per day (MMCFD) in Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limiteds network, Punjab will face unprecedented gas loadshedding in the fast approaching winter, said a companys high official while talking to The Nation. 'We fear the low pressure problem in domestic sector will start next week as the demand and supply gap is widening day by day and the weather has changed, he said. Currently to bridge the gap between demand and supply, the Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line has been conducting three days in a week gas loadshedding in Punjabs CNG sector while the industries of the province are also observing the same schedule on rotational basis. The official stated that the company would request the Petroleum and Natural Resources Ministry to allow it for increasing gas holidays for both the sectors at least after a week. The Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line would have to increase half day in the current load management plan for the CNG sector while the provincial industry would have to face four days in a week loadshedding., he stated. 'It means the CNG stations of Punjab would face three and half days (half week) and the industrial sector will face four days in a week loadshedding, said the source. And, 'if Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line is not allowed to enhance load management plan by the Ministry, ultimately the domestic sector will face severe problems of low pressure and loadshedding, said the officials on the request of anonymity. Ministry of Industries is already compelling the SNGPL not to cut gas for fertilisers plants in coming winter besides the company would also face pressure for uninterrupted supply for power plants. In this situation, the Sui Northerns management has no alternate and fears that how it would manage the severe crisis ahead, the official further said. Though the Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line as per the Constitution is bound to provide constant supply for domestic sector but when there is no alternate how it is possible to continue uninterrupted supply for homes, he stated. So, according to the source, the low pressure problems for domestic sector will start right after a week.