OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE-Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday said that October 28 rally of the PML-N would be a declaration of war against the corrupt rulers whose loot and plunder was rampant in the country. Addressing office-bearers of Pakistan Muslim League-N Youth Wing, here on Sunday, he said that Zardari who was the ringleader of the gang of Ali Baba & Forty Thieves had deposited looted money in Swiss banks and inefficient rulers were defaming the country. The CM said that the rally of October 28 will be a declaration of war by the people of Pakistan against the corrupt rulers. He said that this rally was aimed at survival and solidarity of the country and recovery of looted money from the rulers for utilizing it for the benefit of the people. He said that despite the fact that Pakistan was a nuclear power, its rulers were wandering around with begging bowl. Shahbaz said that Muslim League-N had decided to rid the people of the corrupt band by reviving the spirit of the creation of the country.. The chief minister said that the gang of corrupt rulers was bent upon ruining national economy and pushing the country towards darkness. He said that this gang of Ali Baba & Forty Thieves was destroying the country and Pakistans economy was at verge of disaster due to corruption and plunder of the rulers. He said that export orders of billion of rupees had been cancelled, industrial sector had come to a halt while unemployment had tremendously increased. He said that begging bowl and nuclear power could not go together. He said that if the nation wanted to live with dignity as a nuclear power, it will have to follow the message given 1400 years ago by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and which was translated into reality in form of Uswa-e-Hasna. He said that time is running out and if action was not taken at this stage and the country was not purged of corruption, the future generations will never forgive us. He said that just as independence was achieved from Hindus in 1947 similarly, freedom will have to be achieved from thieves and plunderers after 64 years. He said that there was a need to transform Muslim Students Federation in accordance with the demand of the modern age as this organization can play a key role in realizing the dreams for which Pakistan was created. Pakistan Muslim League Youth Wing office-bearers while expressing their views said that the rally of October 28 was aimed at enhancing the dignity of the country and PML-N Youth Wing will play a vanguard role in this regard. He said that every sacrifice will be made to save the country.