SANAA (AFP) - Thousands of Yemenis took part in a protest on Sunday calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to be put on trial, as renewed fighting erupted between his tribal foes and loyalists, a day after 20 people died in similar clashes. Five demonstrators were wounded when their march left Change Square, the epicentre of anti-Saleh protests, and came under fire after reaching a zone controlled by the president's forces, an AFP correspondent reported. And a man was killed and six passers-by were wounded apparently by stray bullets in a nearby neighbourhood, a medic said. "No guarantees, no immunity, Saleh and his aides must be put on trial," chanted demonstrators, after the UN Security Council passed a resolution Friday calling on him to immediately sign a Gulf-brokered deal to step down. Saleh has demanded US and European guarantees for a timetable to implement the deal proposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council, in an apparent attempt to avert international pressure to sign. Twenty people were killed on Saturday in clashes between between partisans of Saleh and dissident troops and tribesmen led by Sheikh Sadeq al-Ahmar in northern Sanaa. Fresh clashes in the Hassaba neighbourhood, where the sheikh is based, broke out on Sunday, residents said. Armed confrontations between rival forces and militias have escalated in past weeks, raising fears that Saleh's continued refusal to resign will push impoverished Yemen to all-out civil war.