A Russian teenager has been apprehended by police for hijacking a tram and collecting passengers for 40 minutes. The 15-year-old took charge of the vehicle in the mountain town of Zlatoust earlier this month and drove it around its usual route, picking up and dropping off commuters. Police said on Friday that the teen, who found the vehicle sitting unattended on a side track, must have had a firm knowledge of trams in order to operate it. You have to have special knowledge to be able to run them, senior police official Pavel Pavlov told media persons. Authorities have now opened an investigation into the theft of the vehicle, which could be punishable by up to five years in prison. However, the teenager is apparently unlikely to face jail time due to his age, lack of previous convictions or malicious intent. He was not detained and is continuing his school studies, Pavlov confirmed. Nobody was harmed and no accidents were caused during the tram joyride. EN