WASHINGTON - Pakistan and the US will work together towards peace and security in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday, asserting that Washingtons policy was to 'fight, talk and build as she appeared to have toned down her rhetoric against Islamabads conduct. In a series of interview with American television networks, she also acknowledged the need to stem militants use of safe havens on the Afghan side for attacks against Pakistan. Clinton said following her recent 'frank and intensive talks with Pakistani leadership, the two countries were about '90-95 per cent in agreement about the means of our moving toward what are our commonly shared goals. On FOX NEWS, Clinton confirmed that US did talk to the Haqqani network with Pakistani assistance, while answering a sharp question whether the Obama administration wanted to fight the Haqqani group or talk to them. 'Actually, were pursuing both. We have a policy of fight, talk, and build, the top American diplomat said. 'We had a meeting at the request of the Pakistanis to gauge whether there was any basis for further talking. 'So what were trying to do is gauge who among these groups would be sincere and serious about pursuing an Afghan-led peace process, and its very absolutely understood that in order for any process to have a chance to succeed, the United States and Pakistan have to work with Afghanistan. So we responded to a Pakistani request. Were testing out a lot of different approaches. But were going to keep fighting the guys who are fighting and killing Afghans, Americans, and others, she stated. On CNNs programme Situation Room, Clinton said, 'We are very clear. We need to do two things together. We need to squeeze the terrorist networks including the Haqqani network out of their safe havens, preventing them from being able to plan and carry out attacks across the border. And we have to, on the Afghan side of the border, squeeze and eliminate safe havens of those who move back and forth and use safe havens in Afghanistan to attack Pakistan, she added. For months, Pakistan has been asking the US-led international forces stationed in Afghanistan to stop Afghan-based militants from using safe havens in that country for attacks inside Pakistan. Secondly, Clinton stated in the interview, 'we have to have a very firm commitment to an Afghan-led reconciliation peace process. Clinton, who issued some tough statements ahead of her visit to Islamabad this week, also openly acknowledged the effectiveness of Pakistans cooperation against al-Qaeda militant organisation. 'The cooperation on security that we have received over the past years from Pakistan has been absolutely essential in our efforts to defeat and disrupt the al-Qaeda network, she stated. The Pakistanis, she noted, themselves have suffered enormously as a result of their military actions against the terrorist networks and of course that has not only been only military losses but civilians to a total of about 30,000 over the last decade. NATO plans to pull out combat troops from Afghanistan by 2014 and hand over security responsibility to Afghan Army and police. Meanwhile, the US has also acknowledged reaching out to militants as part of Afghan reconciliation efforts for an orderly transition in the conflict-hit country.