Our Staff Reporter ISLAMABAD - The USAIDs Power Distribution Programme, in cooperation with the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), has completed installation of 183 LT capacitors on tubewells in one selected feeder in Lodhran sub-division. The capacitor installations were carried out as part of a pilot project which has the potential to be replicated in other parts of the country in various Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs). Installations of 183 LT capacitors resulted in an estimated savings of 27,499 KWH/month which they can now provide to consumers and in addition will save MEPCO over 3 million rupees per year. This assistance to DISCOs is provided as part of the US commitment to support the Government of Pakistan in reforming the energy sector and addressing the problems of the DISCOs. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) implements these assistance programmes, which also support capacity building of DISCOs staff and Board of Directors and staff, installations of equipment to improve power factor and energy conservation. USAIDs technical assistance gave marvellous results, whereby load of 11 KV feeders emanating from 132 KV Grid Station Lodhran was dropped from 380 Amps to 280 Amps and eventually low voltage problem faced by the locality was overcome. We request USAID PDP project to extend technical assistance through this project to three more feeders including Okanwala Feeder, Old Shah Kot Feeder and New Shah Kot Feeder said Chief Executive Officer, MEPCO in an appreciation letter to the project. The proposed intervention will reduce the KVA demand on the feeder by 517 KVA, and allow the feeder to deliver an additional 468KW at 90pc power factor. said Dick Dumford, Chief of Party of the USAIDs Power Distribution Programme.The USAID Power Distribution Programme shall continue to assist DISCOs to bring improvements to their systems so the people of Pakistan get the best services. We are about to complete IT trainings for more than 1100 DISCOs staff and our Safety Programme shall result in capacity building of 10,000 linemen of 9 DISCOs in Pakistan. USAIDs Power Distribution Program (PDP) is a three-year, USAID-funded programme aimed at working jointly with DISCOs in Pakistan to improve their performance in terms of reduction in losses, and improvement in revenues and customer services, to bring them to a level of well-run utilities as in other progressive countries. Through this programme, the United States Government provides assistance and support to the Government of Pakistan (GoP) in its efforts to reform the power sector to end the current energy crisis.