A sense of insecurity, a feeling of deprivation and a scenario coloured with dejection; what else do the people of Balochistan have in their lives. Countless target killings mingled with a continuous series of missing persons have added more miseries to the lives of the Baloch people. The situation is neither encouraging nor hopeful but the Supreme Court of Pakistan under the magnanimous command of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is doing its best to resolve this issue which is painful since the creation of Pakistan. It was hoped that things would improve and the people of Balochistan would live a peaceful life and prosper. The situation in the province would never have come to this if the province had been treated the same way as others. The Baloch were never treated equally or given any justice. The most to blame are the rich Sardars that mostly live abroad and have no sense of patriotism in bringing this province, blessed with Allah’s bounty to this condition where not only local but international players are playing poker with the lives of the Baloch people.

Today almost all members of the Balochistan Provincial Assembly are enjoying the status of provincial ministers but the poor people who live there are as empty handed as they have ever been. The high-ups of the Pakistan Army claim to have established a lot of school, building new roads and bridges and have started new plans for industrial development in Balochistan; but doing this kind of job is not a part of their responsibilities; these things should have been done by the political leadership of Balochistan. The Sardars must realise the gravity of the situation. It is the high time for them to take care of the people of Balochistan, otherwise things might change into a scenario which won’t be very pleasant and comfortable for them.


Multan, October 23.