President Indian Supreme Court Bar Association Parvin H Parkesh in his visit to Pakistan has said that Pakistan and India can move forward together, through mutual reliance. Unfortunately, history is the best guide that tells us clearly, repeatedly and loudly, indeed, that the two nations, despite uneasily living in the same neighbourhood, remain implacable foes. The way forward lies in solution of outstanding problems. Thankfully, during the same seminar, SCBA President Yaseen Azad called for resolution of the Kashmir and the water conflict. Peaceful existence can only result once they are resolved. The Indian Bar’s president will no doubt agree that only a display of willingness to resolve Kashmir according to the resolutions of the UN will inspire confidence on the Pakistani side that India is essentially fair and indeed serious in moving forward. Without Kashmir, all goodwill measures, will be temporarily beneficial and the people of both countries know better than to be distracted by their governments, when they talk of trade and cooperation without the resolution of the emotionally charge issues that keep the two nations at a distance. The solution to Kashmir will be the single greatest achievement the two countries will accomplish in their relationship. One can only wish the Indians come around to this way of thinking soon.