BAJAUR AGENCY - The elders of Mamond tribe in Bajaur Agency on Wednesday assured the local administration of their full support in preventing cross border militant's attacks in the border areas and promised of taking strict action against the supporters of miscreants in the region.

The elders of Mamond tribe stated this while speaking at a grand jirga held here on Wednesday.

The jirga held a day after the cross border attack by the militants in the border village of Sarkai of tehsil Mamond, in which hundreds of tribal elders of various sub-tribes and members of the anti-militants peace committees participated.

Assistant Political Agent Bajaur Agency Sohil Ahmed Khan and other senior officials of the local administration were also present in the jirga.

The participants of the jirga discussed law and order situation in the border areas of the region, activities of the volunteers of peace committees and strategy for preventing cross border militant's attacks in and other issues related to peace in the area.

Addressing the jirga, Assistant Political Agent Sohail Khan said the no doubt that the region was cleared of the militants' activities and as a result, peace and writ of the government was restored all over the agency.

"Restoration of peace and returning of normalcy in the area was a good achievement, but it doesn't mean that miscreants and their anti-social activities have finished forever and the areas particularly the border area is still under threat because the insurgents, the enemy of peace and prosperity of the region were staying close to borders," he added.

He urged the elders and members of peace committees to organise and mobilise the tribesmen of the entire area for the protection of their land of militants' aggression.

This was the basic duties of the elders to organise and unite the tribesmen on one platform against the enemies of their land, as the attackers can be defeated only by unity and team spirit," he said. The jirga was also addressed by a number of senior elders of Mamond tribe.

They said that Mamond tribesmen were united and alert to encounter cross-border attacks in their areas, adding that the Mamond tribe has the sprit and courage to fight against the militants. The elders said that Mamond tribe had always defeated militants whenever the attacked the borders areas of the region, particularly in the recent past wherein volunteers pushed backed the attackers.

The elders said that they are committed to protect its land from any aggression and no one would be allowed to intrude on the region.

On the occasion, the elders expressed great concern over the increasing of cross borders attacks in the borders village of tehsil Mamond and said that the Afghan government should take serious notice over the cross border attacks in the region. "We appeal to the Afghan government to redress the issue of cross border attacks on priority basis and should take serious steps to stop such activities in future because it's affecting relations between the tribesmen of both the border areas," the elders added.

They also threatened of targeting the hideouts of militants inside the Afghan territory if such attacks were continue in the feature.