OXFORDSHIRE, UK-BRAD Pitt is not a fan of Shia LaBeouf. The Hollywood star apparently lost his temper when Shia pointed a gun in his face on the set of their new WWII flick Fury.

The pair - who play two tough GIs battling Nazis - were filming in Oxfordshire, England, when Shia “became a bit too intrigued by the machine guns in the tank’s turrets and started firing the guns wildly between scenes,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“The guns were loaded with blanks, not real bullets, but Brad was NOT happy with Shia goofing around. He tapped him on the shoulder, meaning to caution him, but Shia whipped the gun turret around and hit Brad smack in the face with the hot barrel! “Brad, livid, yelled, ‘Quit moving around!’ Everyone froze, but Shia started laughing — and Brad just snapped!

“He lunged – and crew members literally had to pull him off the jerk. Shia yelled, ‘Hey, man, what’s your problem?’ Bellowed Brad, ‘I have 5-year-olds more mature than you!’