Whenever we switch on our TV, we come across news of bomb blasts, target killings or cruelty to human beings on all levels. Innumerable corruption is exposed but nothing happens. Either we have become immune to crime and pain or we have lost all sense of outrage! The Talk Shows continue the blame game, forcing us to think why we elected these people to our Assemblies? The tales of Musharraf “compromising the sovereignty”, Zardari “selling out the country”, and now Nawaz “failing on all fronts” continue and seem unending. Where are we heading? Are we being pushed up against a wall? When will this horror end and who will end it?

We are indifferent almost senseless our attitudes show despair and despondency which has prevented us from playing our part as citizens and as human beings. The change has to come from within not outside, we need to stop blaming others and mend our ways. Secondly there is need for developing a collective approach, not the individual or self-centered one. We have to work as a nation. The meaning of progress, prosperity and uplift must be of the country’s level, not only of our own. It is general phenomenon that if the elected leader is from Punjab, then Punjab will progress and if he is Sindhi, Sindh will get a chance to prosper, why is the country divided into provinces? Why aren’t we one nation? Where does Pakistan exist? We are Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Sunni, Shiah and what not; but not Pakistanis!

We have to change. We have to contribute in the advancement of our land, instead of closing the cities down in protest and destroying public property we should emerge as saviours. Our media has to realize its responsibilities, obligations it is the face of our nation, culture and country; what it paints and projects becomes our picture on international level. Has the media ever considered how it is presenting the country? Talk shows with “chat-pata masla” may earn high rating, but they damage the national image. We must not be despondent or disappointed we should change our thinking and become a united patriotic Pakistanis.


Rawalpindi, October 8.