Around 50 percent of women and children are facing malnutrition and 58 percent of total population is under the grip of food insecurity in the country.  It was discussed at the concluding session of three-day international conference on ‘Emerged Issues in Nutrition and Food Safety’.

It was arranged by the National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad and chaired by UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad. Dr Ibrahim from Thailand; Dr Aurang Zeb; and NIFSAT Director General Dr Faqeer  Anjum also spoke on the occasion.

Addressing on the occasion, the vice chancellor suggested that concerted multi-sector nutrition efforts were needed to address mother and child health and nutrition problems. He said that in the children malnutrition, the rate among children under the age of 5-years is 43.7 percent. Talking about food security, he said that Pakistan is blessed with four seasons and has the potential to increase the agri production manifold to ensure food security. Talking about research, he said that three research impact factors journals are being produced from the Campus.

Dr Ibrahim from Halal Food Research Centre Thailand said that Thailand is playing a key role in the promotion of the Halal food across the globe. He said that world has huge halal food market. Pakistan can earn heavy foreign exchange by focusing on the field, he added.

Dr Faqeer Anjum said the population of Pakistan is fast increasing. He urged the scientists and all stakeholders to play their role in this regard. He said that the recommendation of the moot will help address the issue at the national level. Dr Aurang Zeb presented the recommendation of the conference.

The moot suggested setting up of National Institution of Nutrition to address the issue. The conference also recommended establishing Pak Food and Nutrition Council; ensuring potable water for the people; conducting tangible researches; making nutrition education part of syllabus; revise food rules as per pattern of Punjab Food Rules 2011; and enhanced efforts on the part of all stakeholders.

RABI FESTIVAL KICKS OFF TODAY: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad is kicking off four-day Rabi Festival from Thursday (today).

It will bring colourful events including agricultural exhibition, farmer convention, cultural programmes, international and national seminars and many more.

The festival is aimed at promoting latest agricultural practices in order to increase the agricultural productivity. It also provides an opportunity to the farming community and agricultural experts to sit together and devise a plan in a bid to boost up production.