Since the appointment of outside Governors of the State Bank of Pakistan belonging and serving in the World Bank and IMF, all policies framed by them are based on discrimination which has created a sense of deprivation in the minds of all serving and retired employees of the bank. A high level investigation is needed into the discriminatory policies being practiced. It seems as if the State Bank of Pakistan is deliberately bringing in policies to hurt its employees.

Administrative expenditure has increased one thousand times on the renovation, repairs, demolition and additional furniture and building structures. Discrimination in pay scales shows that the serving employees are getting salaries lesser than allowed to officers directly recruited. For example a serving Executive Director gets Rs three or four hundred thousand whereas the directly recruited lower graded officer gets the salary of more than Rs eight to ten hundred thousand per month.

Pensioners have been ignored to allow them due raise in their pensions in the light of the announcement of the Government during yearly budgets. For the current year 2013, pension increase has not been notified where as Government servants have been allowed 3-4 months before. It appears that the Governor SBP feels as if he is dispensing the money from his individual pocket and considers all salaries and pensions his personal bank account.

We can only pray to Allah to make the Governor SBP realize the present price hike and the financial difficulties of pensioners. He is requested not to mix up the pensioner’s case of pay rise with the case of serving employees because pensioners pay is not to be increased but they will be allowed only pension increase.


Karachi, October 22.