Hawaii: A former boxer survived an attack by a man-eating shark by punching his way to safety. Jeff Horton said he landed eight blows on the 12ft shark after jumping on its back and holding on to its fin. ‘I started punching as hard as I could,’ he explained. The 25-year-old, who was surfing off the coast of Hawaii, said the shark finally gave up when he managed to jab a knuckle into its eye. ‘I finally got one nice punch into the eye,’ Mr Horton told Hawaii-based newspaper the Garden Island. ‘I put some really good hits on it, for sure.’

He had been surfing with ten others at Pila’a Beach near Kilauea when the shark suddenly loomed out of the water to take a bite out of his board. Mr Horton then rolled on to the shark to escape its jaws in the ‘do or die’ situation, 200 yards from shore. After the shark decided the surfer was more trouble than he was worth and retreated, Mr Horton managed with the help of a friend to return to the beach, where a tourist gave him $50 (£31).–MT