KARACHI - Increase in power tariff by the government is yet another step forward in accepting the slavery of IMF.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Hafiz Engineer Naeemur Rehman said the PML-N government had once again proved that it had no concern with the public grievances.

“On one hand, unemployment, inflation and poverty have badly affected the life of common men. On the other hand, the PML-N government has put an extra burden in the shape of electricity tariff hike on the people of the country,” he added. Naeem urged the present government that it could overcome the electricity crises by adopting ways of introducing alternate resources of generating electricity and taking effective steps against mismanagement.

He added the PML-N government is following the footsteps of PPP government as the PPP government had installed the rental power plants which run by the furnace oil and generating electricity at Rs15 per unit. He said unannounced prolonged loadshedding of 18 hours a day had destroyed the civic life of a layman and also affected the economic activities of the country.

“The National Electricity and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has dramatically increased the power tariff and providing Rs16 per unit of electricity to the people instead of Rs2 per unit,” he added. JI Karachi chief regretted that the PML-N government has not fulfilled the promises it made with the people before the elections and toeing the policies of previous government and the IMF.

“The government has withdrawn the notification of increase in power tariff on the directives of Supreme Court but issue the same notification of increase in electricity tariff through Nepra,” he added.