Bilawal Bhutto has acted as a brat; he has marred his soft image. His speech was below average while his energy and enthusiasm were a negative influence.

He did not need to throw useless challenges; these premature challenges have had an awful effect on the people. Politics is like chess where the field is set and the contestants are required to make their moves after deliberation. This game tests the patience of the players and teaches them how to save their soldiers and when to sacrifice them. It is important to save the king and the queen; otherwise the battle would be lost.

We have to think about the consequences of our wrong moves. In the battlefield a victory is sweet but defeat also teaches us some lessons. It is not important to win small prizes but to look at the bigger victory.

Nothing is more important than winning. Politics is a game of patience, and we must wait till the iron is hot and then strike, but in Balawal’s case, he has hit prematurely. He has made a bad political judgment and choice of words, being a novice, he should have been more careful as his statements have damaged his image in the public's eye.

At present his only claim to fame is that he belongs to ‘Bhutto Clan’. He cannot play politics over his mother's sacrifice. PPP is a party of martyrs, but how long can they use this blood to purchase notoriety in the politics? This is not the right time to indulge in such rhetoric, if he wants to stay in the political arena he needs to be more careful while delivering a speech.


Lahore, October 21.