LAHORE  - The Punjab government on Wednesday took damage control measures by accepting one of the two demands of Provincial Minister Atta Muhammad Maneka concerning delimitation of Pakpattan district for the local bodies’ polls, The Nation has learnt.

Provincial Minister for Baitul Maal and Social Welfare Atta Muhammad Maneka’s second demand regarding giving him a ‘meaningful portfolio’ would be addressed at a later stage.

Maneka on Tuesday had threatened to resign from his ministry, saying he had not been taken onboard regarding the delimitation of his district (Pakpattan), besides the portfolio he was holding bears no value in terms of serving his electorate.

The veteran political guru’s acknowledgement concerning ruling party’s role in the process of delimitation for the local elections has established the opposition’s claims that rules for demarcating the new delimitation were being violated by the ruling party.

The Punjab government sources privy to the information of Maneka issue told this correspondent that Secretary to Punjab Chief Minister, Dr Tauqeer Shah held a meeting with the estranged provincial minister, assuring him of addressing concerns related to delimitation of his district.

Regarding Maneka’s desire to get some another portfolio, Dr Shah assured the minister of fixing his meeting with the CM.

According to sources, Maneka was interested in getting the ministry of agriculture, livestock or food, as he was never comfortable with his incumbent departments.

They informed that Maneka told the secretary that nobody was ready to listen to his reservations including him (Dr Shah), Chief Minister and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif until he made an announcement to resign from his portfolio. He added that he had made several efforts to reach him (Dr Shah) and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif but both of them were unreachable, while the Chief Minister was out of country or had no time to provide an audience to one of his cabinet member.

Atta Maneka, when contacted said, “I have been given an assurance by a key figure of the Punjab government that delimitation of Pakpattan district will be reviewed and my concerns will duly be addressed.”

When asked about the issue of portfolio, Maneka restricted himself to certain limits by saying, “It is matter between me and the Chief Minister, and I hope it will be resolved as soon as the provincial chief executive provides me an audience.”

About quitting the ruling party if his portfolio will not be changed, he said that quitting the PML-N has not on his mind at the moment.

Maneka, while saying that he had played a major role in supporting the PML-N-led government during governor rule in 2009, hoped that he would not be treated by party policy-makers as an outcast in future.