KARACHI  - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is all set to spoil all the good work done by the head coach Jamshed Gul Khan, as the federation just to save few penny’s, has decided not send coach with two players Farhan Mehboob and Nasir Iqbal for the prestigious World Open Squash Championship starting from 26th of this month at Manchester, UK.

The inside sources have confirmed to this correspondent that the name of head coach was dropped on the eleventh hour and while players leave today to Manchester from Islamabad.

When this scribe contacted PSF secretary Group Captain Aamir Nawaz, he confirmed that due to some other important coaching assignments in next couple of days Jamshed was stopped from travelling with the players. Aamir denied any financial reasons behind the issue.

After the refusal of top players to join the training camp for the elite event, Farhan and Nasir were called into camp who worked underwent hard training conducted by Jamshed and both players publicly have admitted that though they were going through some bad patch, they had regained confidence and improved their technique due to the hard work of the head coach.

Talking with this correspondent, Farhan was seemingly very upset with the latest developments and said he couldn’t believe that they were going to World Open without head coach. “We had hardly recaptured our lost touch and the entire credit for this goes only to Jamshed, as he has completely transformed our games and how could be it possible for us to tackle with all the issues in UK without a trained and well-connected person like Jamshed.” He said all the other participating players not only bring their coaches but also had the luxury of having trainer and other supporting staff.

Meanwhile on the special interference of PSF president Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, who was finally informed about the recent developments and players reservations, it seems the issue might settle down and Jamshed might accompany players to UK.

PSF president should conduct a comprehensive inquiry that why such issues of minor nature but to significant importance are not handled properly and why the supporting staff in PSF create these hurdles when things are heading in right direction