LAHORE: Punjab University Academic Staff Association President Dr Ehsan Sharif has said that the university teachers have been compelled to think that there is a conspiracy behind the harassment case against PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran as the allegations have been leveled at the time of completion of Dr Kamran’s new book on 9/11.

In a statement issued here the other day, Dr Ehsan Sharif said that the history proved that false propaganda was fanned to make controversial and challenge the credibility of personalities who unveiled nefarious designs of America. He said that Dr Kamran in his recent book had revealed that the conspiracy of 9/11 was home grown and prepared by US’ secret agencies so that way might be paved to invade Muslim countries.

He said that Punjab University had become a target of anti-state elements also because of Punjab University’s initiative of facilitating Balochistani students to remove their sense of deprivation. He said that this impression among PU teachers was also empowered by the fact that a woman had been appointed Ombudsperson who had more than thirty-year long association with a specific educational institution which was under the influence of American Missionary and the relevant Act had been recently amended to facilitate her appointment.

Dr Ehsan Sharif said that ASA member Khujista Rehan and Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran both had showed lack of confidence in the Ombudsperson and it seemed that Mira Phailbus was not a law-knowing personality and was not measuring up the confidence of both the parties.  He requested the government to review its decision and appoint an impartial and law-knowing personality as ombudsperson to fulfill requirements of justice.

He said that strict action must be taken when the allegations proved true or false.