ISLAMABAD - Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Raza Rabbani on Wednesday said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should forcefully raise the matter of drone attacks with President Barack Obama in his current visit to US.

“Although Amnesty International (AI) report has come late yet we (PPP) welcomed it. This report endorsed the stance of our party as PPP had always been saying, during its government, that the drone attacks were violation of our sovereignty,” said Raza Rabbani, while talking to the newsmen. The international community, he said, got bit late in realizing that drone attacks had been violating the international laws.  Rabbani said that there was a need to review the statement of former president Pervez Musharraf, in which, he had admitted about allowing the drone attacks in the country.

The PPP leader also proposed to form a committee to initiate proceeding against Pervez Musharraf under the Article-6. The PPP leader came down hard on the PML-N government for delaying the distribution of headships of National Assembly Standing Committees. “It seems the government wants to run matters through executive order,” he said.

He alleged that even after completion of 145 days in power, the incumbent government has failed to get a single bill passed by the parliament.

 It seems as if government wants to run the matters through executive orders with bypassing the parliament.  Ranbani said that the incumbent government should take the parliament into confidence about plethora of issues including Prime Minister visit to US, violation of LOC, loan agreement with International Monetary Fund (IMF), talks with Taliban.