Pakistan has witnessed a steep rise in rape crimes within the last three years. We continue to turn a deaf ear to all the over exposure of rape crime news and special reports which highlight and give detailed information of these heinous act on news channels across Pakistan. Not long ago, we noticed a similar trend of pubic rape cases in our neighboring country.

Their media however reacted differently when the impression of women’s' insecurity in India started swelling and there was a negative international response. There was a drastic decrease in the number of incidents published in all Indian newspapers and aired on TV; so much for national interest and secularism.

In my opinion, the abrupt increase in rape crimes is primarily because of two factors, one the offenders do not get apprehended despite the media hype as well as if they are apprehended there is no public punishment. The steady increase of vulgarity and profanity in the electronic and print media has added to the rise of the inner beast hidden in all men.

When accountability is non-existent, felons are allured to execute larger offences with minimal hesitation. In a country where the majority of the population is Muslim, we are timid enough not to abide by divine laws that are made solely to protect the society from getting into such vices. Authorities like PEMRA appear to be corroborating with these culprits by not taking any notice or action against what should be shown on air or not. In a run to generate more revenue they are showing all kinds of imported Indian dramas from India and Turkey.


Islamabad, October 22.