RAWALPINDI - Kanwal, the wife of Sikandar, who staged the five hours drama in the centre of the capital, was released on bail from Adiala jail here on Wednesday.

Kanwal, who was communicating messages of her husband to law-enforcement officials during the whole act, was released from Adiala jail.

Kanwal was originally indicted by the police for assisting her husband in a terrorist act and obstructing the action of law-enforcement groups during the incident.

However, Kanwal’s lawyer had contested that she was a victim herself, used by her husband for his own ends.

After due proceedings on the case, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) approved Kanwal’s bail application at Rs 200,000 in surety bonds.

The Adiala Jail subsequently let her out alongwith her brother-in-law. Kanwal will still have to appear in court for a statement at the next hearing.

The couple had drawn country’s media attention after staging a stunt of violence in Islamabad.