LAHORE  - The business community has appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to revamp National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) as it has failed to protect the consumers’ rights and making hefty increases in the power tariff without taking stakeholders on board.

They said that NEPRA should be reconstituted by incorporating true representatives of all the stakeholders in its Board.  While citing an example, they said that the situation has turned so bad that an industrialist who was used to receive a monthly electricity bill of Rs 1.6 million has received a bill of Rs.2.8 million.

They strongly opposed recent increases in electricity tariff made by NEPRA without keeping in view the challenges being faced by the business community.

They said that repeated increases in electricity tariff will increase pilferage that would further burden the shattering system.  Chairman PIAF Tahir Javed Malik said that the PIAF has been calling for long time now to get the NEPRA revamped but all the times a deaf ear was given to its calling that is always in the national interests. What good one can expect of the persons who have no idea to the ground realities, he added.

The country has already lost number of international markets to China, Bangladesh and India due to high cost of running business and the tariff rise makes Pakistani goods more uncompetitive. He urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to revamp NEPRA immediately and direct the concerned authorities to ensure representation of private sector.