NTS called me for a physical exam at 7am, but their own staff reached at 7:30, the running test (race) started at around 8am. The first batch consist of 10 candidates, who were given a task to complete the 6 rounds of the hockey ground, which was around 2,080 meters in 7 minutes. When I saw the task I thought that we were competing for the Olympics, all the candidates were rejected. None of them could complete the task within the time given. The next batch was ready to run, but when they were given the same order they claimed that it was not possible to do so. They also argued that the NTS had given no instructions, in the roll slips, regarding the running test. On query of candidates an officer replied that the distance was only 1.6 km.

When candidates complained of injustices from the NTS staff and management the principal of the school and some staff members came and ordered the test to be postponed. FIA representative were also there but they enjoyed the whole drama. After 1 hour of cross examination between the NTS management and the candidates they decided to measure the distance of the hockey ground. It was proved that it was 2,080 meters. A feat no one could accomplish in 7 minutes. FIA and the school’ principal as well as the staff watched the horrendous scene. All candidates were rejected proving that this was just to mint money.

If FIA wants to put their candidates through a test they should first conduct a physical test and then a written test and the details should be given on the roll numbers slip. As always we are faced with corruption in all departments and now in these organizations, which test candidates for selection. This attitude can seriously harm our younger generation.


Sukkur, October 22.