ISLAMABAD - The government has released Rs.170.259 million under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2014-15 for various on-goingand new developmental projects of Ministry of National Food Security and Research Division.

 The government had allocated Rs. 1071.300 million in its Federal PSDP 2014-15 for 18 developmental projects of agriculture and livestock sectors of the country. According to latest data of Ministry of Planning Development and Reforms, the government has released Rs. 65.761 million for research for agriculture development programme against the total allocations of Rs. 328.80 million during financial year 2014-15.

A sum of Rs. 30 million has been released for the construction of national institute of genomic and advanced bio-technology and Rs. 2.230 million for rehabilitation and strengthening of summer agricultural research station to promote the agri-sector of the country.

To overcome the issues of adulteration and certification in  agri-inputs including seeds, pesticides and herbicides, the government has released Rs. 10.405 million for the project of national pesticides resides residues monitoring system as against the total amount of Rs.52. 024 million earmarked for current fiscal year.  According the data, an amount of Rs. 9.554 million has also been released for indigenization of hybrid seed production for enhanced crop production to enhance per acre crop output for increasing farm income and poverty alleviation.

Costal areas of the country has huge potential for the development of

agriculture and livestock sectors and in PSDP government had allocated a handsome amount for the development of agri-sector of costal areas and released Rs. 3.359 million for the establishment of horticulture research institute, khuzdar Balochistan against the total allocation of Rs.16.796 million allocated for 2014- 15.

Meantime, the government has also released Rs. 4.287 million for establishment of livestock research institute, Turbart Balochsitan as the government had allocated Rs. 21.434 million for the project during financial year 2014-15.

To overcome climate and pest attacks issues the government has introduced monitoring of crops through satellite technology and earmarked Rs. 46.million for the project where as Rs. 9.200 million has released for the phase-II of the project.