Malala Yusafzai is like a breath of fresh air for a country like Pakistan, haunted by villains, tyrants and men spewing hatred and hypocrisy in the name of a religion which preaches tolerance, welfare and peace while encouraging acquisition of knowledge. In December Pakistan’s national anthem and flag will be proudly raised in Oslo, the second time after Professor Abdus Salam became the first Nobel Laureate.

Bulk of majority Muslim states are plagued by tyrannical monarchs, military dictators, and pied-pipers leading illiterate masses back to medieval ages, instead of focusing on development of human resources, without which progress, prosperity, state security and sovereignty cannot be attained. Both Pakistan and India are infected with feudalism, where political power and nobility are considered to be acquired through accident of birth, Malala Yusafzai rose from a poor lower middle class background, to acquire international recognition and honor through her sheer commitment to promote female education, which Islam allows, despite the fact that feudalism and a culture, where dynastic politics, with all its evil still prevails.


UAE, October 11.