BANNU- Students of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) on Thursdayprotested in front of the Bannu Press Club for the fulfillment of their demands, Tribal News Network reported.

At a rally, the students said that the government should give free admissions in educational institutions to them. They appealed to theauthorities to renounce the cases of unfair means (UFM) that were imposed onstudents during the examination of Bachelor's degree. "There are 87,000 students, for whom there is 2% quota in the universities of the country. We demand the government grant admissions to all displacedstudents of Waziristan in educational institutions and withdraw the cases ofunfair means against some students," stated one of the speakers at the rally. The demonstrators also demanded monthly stipend of Rs10,000 each to the North Waziristan students.