ISLAMABAD - Salim Saifullah Khan, brother of ex-former Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) president Anwar Saifullah Khan, announced his decision to contest upcoming PTF presidential elections.

Salim arranged formal lunch at Islamabad Club in honour of PTF affiliated units on Wednesday, in which eight out of 14 units’ representatives were present. Sharing his views, Salim said: “Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable sports in the world and its global popularity is a clear evidence of this fact. In Pakistan, too, it has been a source of delight to players in all parts of the country and, since 1947, we produced noteworthy players who made us proud.”

He said: “My passion for tennis goes back to childhood when learning the sport and I am happy to say that I have actively played the game throughout my adult life irrespective of the several other responsibilities one had to shoulder. I was amongst the winners of the Pak Inter-varsity Championships 1963/64, and then to have remained captain of the tennis team at Carnegie-Mellon University, USA, for four years of my stay.”

“Although promoting and managing the sport over the last two decades may have been an uphill task for varied reasons, yet I believe a tangible change can be brought to tennis here if we can put together three essential elements - a vision, finances and management.  “As announced, PTF is preparing to hold the next elections soon as the last term nears its completion. I am pleased to formally announce my candidacy for the office of the PTF president, having had substantial experience in the varied responsibilities undertaken by me over the decades. I believe, we can bring about meaningful betterment to drive tennis to its deserved status,” he added.

“I have the full-fledged support of the government. I on suggestion from various quarters also announce, if elected I would raise the minimum prize money of national ranking tournament to at least Rs 500,000, while also conduct yearly event in the name of my mother Begum Kalsoom Saifullah every year. I have high ambitions regarding promotion of tennis and will try to do my best for this beautiful game,” Salim concluded.