When was the last time that you saw a teacher sporting off a brand new Lexus? Or when was it that you heard of a teacher owning a ranch? The answer to this question is probably never. Although material possessions such as owning a luxurious home or driving an extravagant car might be chump change for people like the rich and famous, for teachers this kind of spending is literally an arm and a leg. Even simple necessities are out of reach with a teacher’s salary. The reason for this problem is due to our nation’s budget. Teachers along with others in the school system are underpaid and are not being adequately compensated for their services. Instead of rewarding teachers with higher pay the government is undermining their work. Teachers are not getting enough money and as a result many are becoming frustrated. Most teachers have to get a second job just to make ends meet.

Today we depend heavily on the Internet to provide us with fast information. It is used in high tech businesses, in homes and in schools. Through the Internet we enable students to explore new and interesting issues. In addition to the books found in our local library, the Internet serves as a fundamental tool for education. With all of the assets that the Internet provides not all schools have it at their disposal. This poses as a major problem because while other students are building their skills and are learning more, others still rely on books and articles. Through Internet use students will not only be introduced to a wide a ray of topics and search engines but will also be able to familiarize themselves with technology. In order for this to be a reality it must be adequately funded.

Aside from teachers being underpaid a major problem rises from this; children are not receiving quality education. Since schools don’t have enough money to hire new teachers they become understaffed. Understaffed schools lead to unattended students. One teacher with a class of 30 or more students can only attend to so many students. As a result some students are left without instruction and are sitting there with a confused daze on their face. In order to eliminate this problem we must put more money into schools and fight collectively for the cause. With most of their teachers retiring, they must work effectively to attract new teachers. How do they do this? The only answer to this is to raise their salary. Most people work harder when they have something to work for. When teachers are given enough money to pay for essentials they will be able to work to the best of their ability. No matter how determined a teacher is, the fact remains the same, devotion will not pay the bills nor will it enable teachers to become financially stable.

As we can see the budget is a growing problem that needs to be dealt with. While we are trying to save money we are actually hurting our students. If our youth is our future, then we should do everything humanly possible to supply them with enough information and qualified teachers. If we don’t spend more money on teachers we will eventually triple our shortage of teachers. Thus, this will lead to overcrowded classrooms and less one on one contact with students. In order to eliminate this problem we must collectively come together to make people aware of this struggle. As a future educator, I am hoping that I will be able live comfortably without worrying about whether or not I’m going to need a second job to pay my bills. I want to be able to buy a car and not worry about where I’m going to get the money for insurance. Furthermore, I want to be able to teach my students with books that are updated and are not the same ones that I learned from when I was there age. With the help of the community, school officials, business organizatioans and government authorities, we can make this come true.


Karachi, October 5.