Islamabad - President Academic Staff Association of Islamic International University Islamabad (IIUI), Dr Zafar yesterday said that putting Dr Sher Mohammad Joiya’s name in blacklist of the university is an unfair decision of the Plagiarism Standing Committee (PSC).

According to Dr Zafar, the constitution of PSC did not comply with the rules enshrined in HEC Plagiarism Policy.

Talking to The Nation he said that Dr Joiya was blacklisted on the basis of allegations levelled by unknown persons, while the committee constituted to investigate the issue was not formed in accordance with rules.

“Under the rules, the committee was to be comprised of individuals no less than the accused in terms of his designation and stature, but only two out of seven members were meeting this criterion,” he said.  

According to Dr Zafar, Dr Sher Muhammad was never called in person to explain his position on the case, which is nothing but a clear violation of principles of justice and an indication of mala fide intentions of the individuals involved in the case.

Dr Zafar said the alleged professor had 14 research publications at the time of applying for the position of professor of computer science in 2008, while the PSC was tabled with 13 publications.

He had two research papers published in 2002 during his studentship at Hamdard University Islamabad, when he was pursuing his MS (IT), besides survey research pieces citing the historical developments of IT sector. He included 14 research publications in his application dossiers including the two publications alleged to be plagiarized by him.

The plagiarized publications got published in Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences, which was not an HEC recognised journal of research; hence, the publications despite being part of the dossier were not considered for appointment against the position of professor of computer science.

In other words, he did not accrue any benefit out of his plagiarized pieces of research, as he had required number of publications i.e. 12 excluding the plagiarized ones.

The HEC plagiarism policy was put in practice in 2007, which according to its directive did not cover the time beyond its time of initiation, said Dr Zafar.