Training is considered the essence of transformation. Fortunately, nowadays much more attention is being given to judicial education in our country. But whenever, like many others who have a knack for legal and judicial research, I have to visit various relevant national and international websites, in particular, of our neighbourly country India and also of highly developed country like Singapore, it always makes me envious.

Only the other day, I visited a few prominent websites of Indian judicial academies, which I think are often visited by those who are directly or indirectly related to the judicial system in this country.

After browsing the requisite material whenever I read the profiles of faculty members, curriculum/training material, it often makes me extremely envious of their judicial wisdom, insight, a sense of ownership and a road-map for the future judiciary. These academies are privileged to have sitting honourable judges of the superior courts as director generals and faculty members.

Besides this, they have curriculums which have to produce a breed of judicial officers and other key players of the dispensation of justice system whose both exterior and interior is honourable.

I often question myself: What’s the point in rehiring people with obsolete tools of trade and also such faculty member or resource persons who hesitate to press or push a button of any device or computer?

The most important thing is insight and passion to hire the true talent that makes the difference and groom virtuous and knowledgeable judicial officers, among others, for the judicial system in this age of injustice. Indeed, Indian judicial academies offer us a lot to learn from their judicial wisdom, organisational governance and training insight. No one stops us to learn from others knowledge, information and insight in our own national interest.


Islamabad, September 27.