The new head of government in Sindh shall have to resort to very concrete measures to tackle the monster of all ills that have entangled the society for decades. Non utilisation of tapped resources judiciously among all the regions of the province is the biggest problem.

Natural gas is tapped from Ghotki and Kandhkot districts but its main distribution system and head office are located in Karachi. It is the same case with coal mines, mineral and crude oil. Such a coercive system of diverting resources of remote places to the capital city of province has not only kept the indigenous population deprived of their legitimate right of having ownership of their resources, but has also these places into the trap of perpetual backwardness and brought disparity among different localities of the province.

The people who are at the helm of affairs should seriously think for just distribution of wealth and resources among all the localities of the province as simply with this approach many sufferings of the people especially unemployment, education, health and infrastructure can easily be addressed. With shifting of major policy forums to the original destinations shall also lead to respective industry to be relocated there, it would also minimise logistic expenses incurred on transportation of natural resources these industries are using for their production.

This will also minimise gap in revenue generation among different localities of the province on one hand and on the other hand will provide an opportunity for mix up of society in the province. In this age of communication, the distance of a few hundred kilometres from port city should not be used as an excuse for not shifting these major commercial set ups to their legitimate destinations. The new chief minister shall be held with great esteem in the history if he takes some bold steps to relocate the policy establishment of these natural resources to their original destinations for ultimate advantage of locals.


Karachi, September 27.