Sometimes this is really difficult, sometimes you don’t know the direction, sometimes everything fades away. But yes you don’t have to lose hope. Never ever lose hope. It doesn’t depend on the difficulties it depends upon you. You have to face it because this is only you who can rise after falling. A point comes that you need to rise up finally. That’s what life demands. That’s what your destiny wants. One day you have to be mature. One day you have to rise. One day you have to become a better person. As this is what life is.

Life is all about ups and downs, nothing will last and nothing could keep you fall down. Revive yourself as revival is difficult but this not actually is. Once you revive you will never face the problem again. Try to mould your life according to your dreams. Dream alot because it exists only if you think about it. If you want to fly high, only then you can fly otherwise flying is just a concept limited to birds. And when get stuck into something simply move on because if you have the ability to move only then you can revive. Life is what you think about it, if you are hopeful then it will fulfill your hopes otherwise you will left disappointed.

Revive with new dreams and aims!


Lahore, October 18.