LAHORE (PR) The third annual edition of the Lahore Literary Festival in London took place the other day at the British Library, which consisted of the world’s largest collection of catalogued items. British Library counts among its treasures the Magna Carta, audio of Mandela's Rivonia trial speech, Beatles manuscripts.

LLF has hosted six editions in its hometown, Lahore; three in New York in partnership with Asia Society, and this the third one in London, which offers a roundup of contemporary Pakistan from cultural, literary and social standpoints. 

“The third annual edition of LLF in London strives to present to a window into Pakistan as a place inspiring and producing some of the finest voices in all expressions of the arts,” said LLF founder and Director Razi Ahmed.

“By working closely with a global institution, the British Library, LLF has successfully managed to bring a taste of Pakistan to a global audience in one of the world’s most multicultural cities, London,” said Nusrat Jamil, an organising member of LLF. “LLF is a day off for many Pakistani students, individuals, and families who even travel from other parts of the UK to celebrate and reflect on their homeland.”