Another impending crisis that the government has adopted is that of the energy sector, and it is one which also requires their utmost attention. Successive governments have tried overcoming this issue but have failed to set up a proper mechanism due to the lack of a holistic approach to the problem. The solutions in consideration by the new government to resolve the issue show that the government is ready to take on that challenge and the problem is being studied in great detail to find solutions which last beyond their tenure. The first line of action is the formation of a task force, which has been a very important need of the system, to prevent electricity theft. This phenomenon increases the burden on those taxpayers, which have to compensate for those who are stealing electricity.

The government is planning to increase the power tariff by 20 percent but the aim is to take the concerns of the people into consideration and introduce such measures accordingly. What this will do as a result is create an environment of trust. Another extension of the same policy is taking the power distributing on board with the remedial measures suggested so that the government can have their direct input. This will allow the government to help these power distribution companies to improve significant areas of the distribution network which is responsible for commercial and line losses.

The most important aspect of the power crisis is the lack of upgrade of the transmission lines despite the production of more electricity. This problem should be addressed as soon as possible because the energy which is available and is not being transmitted should be made available. Transformers need to be replaced and transmission lines also need to change so that they can carry more voltage than the amount that they were carrying earlier. These are simple steps that the government can take to overcome this problem.

Aiming to come up with a comprehensive strategy to overcome the problem, the government will propose a plan for the next 25 years. If this plan materialises, it will be a great feat which many governments have not been able to achieve because not only were their measures ad-hoc but also, only lasted during their tenure. This is a great challenge that the government is undertaking and definitely one that can create more voter base for the ruling party.