Pakistani actor and singer Meesha Shafi voiced on Twitter her support for filmmaker Jami who had earlier this week shared his own #MeToo story on the same platform.

Shafi's allegations against Pakistani singer Ali Zafar made her the face of the #MeToo movement in Pakistan for many women and men who have suffered from sexual abuse. Her legal proceedings against Zafar have started a new conversation about the lack of legislation that criminalizes sexual harassment in non-traditional work relationships, as well as sexual harassment outside of the workplace.

“Crying for all of you who will believe anything over a victim speaking up. You don’t want change for the better,” she said.

“When we’re all trapped in our vile quagmire of filth, Who do these truth tellers think they are?” she continued, showing support in the form of poetic verses.

Shafi concluded by addressing Jami: “I see you. I hear you. I stand with you. Always.”

The Moor filmmaker Jami came out with a Twitter thread detailing an incident of rape by someone he called a media celebrity. Since then, many media outlets have deleted the story, suggesting pressure from the alleged rapist. Others have edited Jami's account to exclude certain incidents, removing references to book launches and museum events that identified the accused for many who personally know Jami and the accused.