It is certainly clear to everyone that India and Pakistan which have fought three wars over Kashmir going to yet another war over the same issue. However, it is reported that a senior official said on Friday that China can certainly play a conductive role in defusing tensions between India and Pakistan that have been triggered by New Delhi’s recent decision to annex Kashmir.

On the other hand, Mr schriver said Washington wanted the situation to remain peaceful and all issues be worked out through diplomatic channels. And the senior leadership at white House and the state department were leading US effort for maintaining peace in South Asia. And he added that” I think they conveyed our hope is that those issues can be worked out between India and Pakistan. And also Schriver quoted that we have certainly depressed our interest in seeing humane treatment of the people there. As a result, this year the Defence day was also observed along with Kashmir solidarity Day to express support for the Kashmiris who are suffering under India’s repressive lockdown that began on 5 August. Merely, China plays well against of this issue to bring peace in South Asia. And it is really a spiritual effort to create a peaceful environment. Also good efforts create soulful spirits for peace.