LAHORE      -     Employees of the PFF secretariat, on calling upon by member of PFF normalization committee and acting general secretary Col (R) Mujahid Tareen through a letter, have expressed serious concerns on working under him.  The sources reveled that amid controversies, which led to the countrywide protests from football community against the appointment of chairperson of the committee Humza Khan and general secretary Col (R) Mujahid Tareen, employees of Ashfaque group, although never recognized by the FIFA or AFC, were given preference and kept in the secretariat by Col (R) Mujahid Tareen for one month or so. The sources closed to the PFF employees recognized earlier by both FIFA and AFC have told that the letter sent to them is quite ambiguous as it does not clearly state and recognize them as the PFF employees. “We are unclear that they recognize us or they want to interview us afresh. The question is why we are yet to be interviewed after years of our dedicated services with PFF, and if we are released from PFF then we should be straight forwardly asked as per PFF HR policy to leave,” the sources have quoted the employees.

The staff of PFF has also expressed to the source that despite of a controversial position of Col (R) Mujahid, after his appointment as PFF general secretary, he has taken a number of steps, which clearly shows his tilt towards Ashfaq Group. “How can we work impartially only for the betterment of the game? Both Humza Khan and Col (R) Mujahid have remained an integral part of Ashfaque group or had close linkages directly or indirectly with the group,” the staff have asked according to the sources. The PFF staff, according to the sources, has also said that Col (R) Mujahid Tareen was among the leaders of the armed mob, which forcibly took over the control of the PFF secretariat back in June 20, 2015.

“Col (R) Mujahid was among the leaders when the miserable incident occurred on June 20, 2015 in which an armed mob belonged to Ashfaque Group, badly manhandling and abusing the male and female staff of the PFF, while we were fasting, took over the control of PFF secretariat.

“What about our safety and security, while Col (R) Mujahid is sitting as the general secretary in the secretariat now,” the staff further questioned the sources. “We strongly desire to continue our services with PFF, our only hope is with FIFA and AFC that they look into this serious matter sympathetically and take steps to address our deep concerns,” the employees told the sources.