In the way of my school I usually do not feel my self saved because as per the environment of our society which enforce the decision on every girls lives that as they are out of the wall they should be covered with scarf even in hot weather. But it is totally marginalizing the lives of girls as they can not go out of walls and as if they are put in prison.

However, the narrow minded society thought the solution by honour killing which is the biggest issue which now everyone is facing in their lives. Many ways girls are subjected to death by the name of honour killing. And their wishes and desires of reading in university, tuition center and school or college are totally demolished by the above mentioned reason.

Most importantly, in the era of tough competitions with the men but still girls are not allowed to go other places for reading which is might the biggest cause of women’s backwardness. Just think that a man goes abroad for studying and doing well preparation of their seats and jobs then how can girls come to compete the one who puts the highest efforts of going in any academy and institution to prepare themselves well for the competitive jobs. Therefore, I felt must to utter my insides feeling to the narrow minded society who avoids a girl to study.

However, in 20th century developed countries never put the women in the walls of their houses only. Lastly, women can perform equally like men and they should be given fully chance in modern era.