ISLAMABAD-The incumbent management of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is reluctant to send the case of backdate allotments in sectors I-11 and I-12 to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).  

An inquiry committee formed to probe backdate allotments in said sectors had excused from completing its task due to vague TORs and non-cooperation of Land and Rehabilitation Directorate in August 2020.

Furthermore, the committee also recommended sending the instant matter to FIA on the pretext that it is already working on a similar case. A three-member committee headed by the Member Planning CDA Dr. Shahid Mahmood submitted its report in this regard few days ago.

The said inquiry committee was formed on the findings of a preliminary inquiry report of the Security Directorate CDA in which over 150 backdate allotments of plots were pointed out and asked to launch a formal inquiry to thoroughly investigate the whole matter as it involves a corruption of millions of rupees. 

The Security Directorate had pointed out that 861 plots were left vacant/un-allotted in sectors I-11 and I-12 on 17-08-2017 at the time of last balloting and since then no official allotment has been made in these sectors. However, later several plots surfaced which were allotted through backdate signatures and were termed fictitious.

However, the inquiry committee headed by Dr. Shahid Mahmood has expressed its helplessness in its report and complained that the HRD issued vague terms of references. The report stated that the inquiry committee was about the backdate allotments detected by the Security Directorate but Human Resource Directorate in its notification asked them to probe all fictitious allotment of plots to the affectees in sectors I-11 and I-12, Islamabad.

The inquiry report added that the subject of the Security Report and that of Fact Finding Inquiry ordered by Confidential Cell, HRD are totally different. There seems certain misconception or deviation in the orders issued by the Confidential Cell, HRD in the instant inquiry. It stated further that the worthy Chairman, CDA has constituted instant inquiry on the basis of Security Report but the subject and TOR of inquiry orders issued by Confidential Cell HRD are totally different.

The committee in its report said that it was impossible for the committee to check thousands of plot files. The report said that the Land and Rehabilitation Directorate did not cooperate with the committee as well and seems reluctant in providing relevant record.

The report said that the record provided by the concerned sections is insufficient to carry out investigations and determine the irregularities as well as to fix the responsibility of involved staff.

The committee contended further that in various cases of fake allotment, different private parties or individuals are often involved. The probe and investigation for the facts in that case could only be obtained through FIA rather than instant Inquiry Committee

The report stated further that as per orders of HRD, the allotments of plots in both sectors are in thousands for which each file of allotment would be scrutinised. This requires lot of time and resources.

Therefore, the committee excused to conclude the matter and recommended to send it to FIA as it is already conducting similar inquiries on the request of CDA.

Chairman CDA Amer Ali Ahmed while commenting on the report had said that we are considering the inquiry report and we will refer the matter to FIA. However, even after two months, the said matter could not be referred to FIA.