ISLAMABAD   -  The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has termed the progress report of ECP’s Scrutiny Committee as “satisfactory”.

The Commission in it’s recent meeting showed it’s satisfaction over the progress of the Committee in the foreign funding case against the ruling party after the committee submitted it’s progress report to the commission.

The Commission had last month rejected the report of the committee by terming it “neither complete nor well-detailed in all respects”.

The ECP order had validated the concerns of the petitioner Akbar S. Babar and PTI founding member regarding the lack of transparency and credibility of the scrutiny process.

The ECP in its order had reprimanded the committee by stating that “it was the duty and responsibility of the committee to scrutinise the authenticity and reliability and credibility of each and every document submitted by both parties and after proper scrutiny of documents.”

The ECP order of August 27, 2020 had ordered the Committee to conduct afresh scrutiny and complete it in six weeks which is reported to be ended on October 22.

It must be noted that after starting afresh investigations as per the directives of the Commission the Scrutiny Committee has held 4 meetings out of which 2 were ended with no progress.