ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Moin-ul-Haq, has presented “Pakistan Civil Awards” on behalf of the President of Pakistan to two leading Chinese personalities at an investiture ceremony held at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.

The President had conferred the prestigious “Hilal-I-Imtiaz” upon Dr. Zhao Baige and “Sitara-I-Pakistan upon Ms. Geng Ying for services to Pakistan.

According to Gwadar Pro, Dr. Zhao Baige is the Vice-Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC).

Talking to China Economic Net (CEN), Zhao Baige said it’s a great honour for her to achieve this award but it is also a great responsibility.

“In the past six years we have been working very closely for CPEC and also we tried to promote people-to-people dialogue including young generation dialogue, which I really think for two countries people need to promote such kind of relationship,” she added.

Dr. Zhao said, “After the awarding, I will try my best to work for this kind of friendship especially next year two countries celebrating 70th-year diplomatic ties and I think we can do a lot of work not only government to government but also people to people.”

On the occasion, Ambassador Moin said that they pay tribute to our heroes, “we need to remind ourselves that people are truly ambassadors of our respective countries.”

He said it is our duty to tell younger generations this tradition of Pakistan-China friendship.

“As an ambassador, it would be his commitment and devotion to take this relationship to even greater heights, which will not only serve the best interest of the two countries but will also ensure peace, stability, and prosperity in the entire region and beyond,” he stated.

Geng Ying is the President of China Cultural Heritage Foundation (CCHF). Ms. Geng and CCHF have played a key role in the publication of “Pak-Cheen Dosti”, a bilingual anthology of poetry on Pakistan-China friendship.

Chinese representatives of various ministries, National Development & Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Chamber of International Commerce, China Cultural Heritage Foundation, officers of Pakistan Embassy, and media representatives attended the ceremony.