Peshawar   -   Police on Friday said they have arrested two brothers allegedly involved in more than 36 criminal cases.

Speaking to journalists, SP Rural Peshawar Sajjad Khan, flanked by other officers, told media that Hazrat Hussain and Sharif Hussain, belonging to Qarian Group, were involved in kidnapping, sabotage and other cases. The arrests were made by Shahpur Police Station personnel.

“We are still investigating to find out if they also have any link to any banned outfit or not,” he added.

He said the arrestees had once kidnapped two members of their rivals, Lal Sher Group, while they were going to attend court proceedings.

“The enmity between Lal Sher Group and Qarian Group started over a piece of land and so far, several people have been killed in the conflict,” he added. He claimed that besides the kidnapping, the accused had also fired rockets on the houses of their rivals some time ago.