A lady while going Gujranwala from Lahore was gang raped when her car ran out of patrol. Soon after the CCPO Lahore Mr Umar Shaikh despite arresting the culprits, has twisted the issue by criticizing the lady for driving at night alone. It raised a question about our priorities: either we should take concern of the security of citizens of Pakistan which is a fundamental right under Article 25 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan or should the issue be if the choice of lady to drive alone in night on motorway was a wise decision? Definitely the issue of rape and convicting the rapists should be the priority.

Now if those rapists are arrested, convicted even, then it is not certain that this conviction will play a key role to scale back such heinous crimes. The sole solution to reduce the crimes of such heinous nature is enforcement of Islamic punishments, just like the punishment of public hanging for rapists. The aim of punishment is deterrence of further committing, if we will not deter the criminals, we will not get the ratio of such crimes reduced.