It's extremely painful to see such a devastating situation in our beloved country. Our sponsored military and democratic leaders, both have brought this nation to the extent of disgrace, destruction and total socio-economic frustration. Whereas the bigger danger lies in a fact that our people neither have a vision nor they want to learn from history. As without a right assessment, no policy can rightly be framed to succeed. It's a historic fact that America has a very clear neoconic agenda to rule the world as the only superpower, with one secular world, one WTO driven economy and one IMF sucked community, with its sponsored puppet military or democratic rulers in different countries, like Musharraf in Pakistan. Same they did in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and some European countries. To ensure their success, they best utilise their agencies to manipulate the resources to trigger a conspiracy, in partnership with common enemies, and attack militarily, diplomatically, socially and economically. Like in Pakistan, they made a partnership with India and Israel. Through media, they, initially, reformed the public opinion by sponsoring the politicians, scholars, journalists and NGOs. In Pakistan, in the last 2 years, more than $1000 million is pumped into media to sponsor the anti-Islamic/Pakistani elements to promote religious confusion, political anarchy, ethnic divisions, economic crisis, disintegration and above all the socio-cultural obscenity to shake the very foundation of Pakistan, in the name of freedom of expression. It's because of our ghaddar/sponsored Pakistani leadership, that we are trapped in an engineered war. Othewise, in America, it's an established fact that this war is for the control of the world/oil resources and to eliminate all such elements, who cause any resistance. It's also a known fact, through reliable sources, that Israeli and Indian Airforce fighter jets are standing by at the Nagpoor airbase to have a joint operation against Pakistan's nuclear assets. The ignorants should also know that America has signed an agreement with India to attack Pakistan, by proxy. It should also be realised that the Israeli Army Chief recently visited the Kashmiri region, besides the military planning in India, to form an Ismaili State along the north-western belt of Pakistan. Even knowing all such facts, if we continue to follow the dictated foreign policy and keep killing our own innocent people in greed of money and cowardly reaction, then nobody else but we are solely responsible for our destruction and miseries. Whatever is happening today in Pakistan, is part of their international agenda, and we are blindly following it, under the influence of forged leadership and sponsored media. The American, Israeli and Indian agencies are comfortably operating on the soil of Pakistan and working to cause disintegration, hatred, confusion, frustration and socio-economic disaster by proxy of their Pakistani agents planted in politicians, security forces and bureaucracy. Such foreign agencies are also responsible for explosions and mass killing at mosques and public places and to put blame on the Pakistani Muslims. People cry about economy that Pakistan will collapse without the American aid in trade-off our national security. But we should know that Allah has blessed Pakistan with plenty of resources, which makes it unique in the world. Even we can pay off our total debt ($38 billion), if we sell only one Gold-Copper mine worth $65 billion in Chaghi, Balochistan. And the rest can be used to meet the energy crisis by setting up/enhancing crash nuclear/hydal projects in cooperation with our time-tested friend, China. The people don't trust the government, whatever the tax is collected, is used for the benefit of elites and luxury of the government. And if only one year of tax is collected ($30 - 40 billion), it's sufficient to alleviate the poverty by starting mega projects alongwith welfare schemes. We have always been on the mercy of IMF, which provides funds, that are misappropriated by our corrupt politicians and the liability remains on the nation. Mind it, it was the sincere leadership of Malaysia that didn't allow IMF into their country, and you can see where stands, Malaysia now. Musharraf and others have been knocking the very foundation of the country and their blind followers have been following them for their personal benefits and party affiliations. So who is responsible, in addition to the external influences, we are also responsible for choosing and supporting such leadership, which is leading us to such a disastrous situation. Unless or until we sacrifice our personal interests over the national interests and think above the party affiliations, the miseries will remain and today's political leaders will continue to exploit our weaknesses. Today we need a leadership, which has got sincere feeling for the country and it's people. May Allah give us the strength to reform ourselves and overrun the weak rulers. Amin The writer is president of the University of W Sydney - SAP, Australia E-mail: