My biggest concern about the Shariah being proposed by Taliban is regarding the education of women. I am glad the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan leader Maulvi Umar has clarified the point. He says, "Taliban are not against education of women. Even our own women are educated. The schools have been set on fire because the security forces used them as base camps for assaults on us". His notion of calling the suicide attacks as ' Fidai attacks' against assailants and usurpers is, however, not acceptable. With all the fighting that is going on, it is not possible to exterminate the Taliban fully from our soil. The left-over Taliban will have to be accepted as citizens of the areas that they live in. It would be appreciated if some politico-religious leaders come out with a critical analysis of the Taliban Shariah so that the people know their religious beliefs, ideology and demands for a possible compromise. In the mean time, it would be advisable to prepare a force of competent and influential religious teachers, induct them into their ranks to brainwash them so that they are rid of their ill-conceived religious beliefs and put them on the path of peace by disavowing terrorist activity. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, via e-mail, September 8.